7 Baking Tips for Beginners

Tired of making burnt cookies? Does your cake always get unevenly cooked? Well, we all have been there and I know it sucks big time. You are just trying to create something great but after slaving for hours, you are just left with a soggy mess.

If you’re just a beginner I’d recommend you to join a baking school and learn the fundamentals first, this will help you avoid mishaps and common mistakes.

Here are a few baking tips that could really get your cakes rising and cookies stay unburned:

1. Bring ingredients to room temperature

The first thing to remember when baking is that you need to make sure that all your ingredients are at room temperature.

You cannot use cold butter or eggs to prepare your batter else your cake would deflate soon and won’t have the rise that it needs. So, always keep your ingredients outside to get them to room temperature before you start using them.

2. Prepare your pan

The next thing to remember when baking is that your baking pan should be prepared before you start mixing the ingredients together.

So, make sure that you have properly covered your pan in butter or oil so that it would be easier to take it out when your cake is done. If you are making muffins or cookies, make sure a parchment paper covers your baking sheet.

3. Get the correct supplies

Once you have decided what you are going to bake, you need to read the recipe and get all the necessary ingredients and tools together. Make sure you have all the items ready before you actually start the whole baking process. You don’t want to realize midway in the process that you forgot baking soda or melted chocolate for preparing your cake or cookies.

4. Preheat the oven

Never forget to preheat the oven. Almost all the baking recipes require you to preheat the oven for a required amount of time so that your mixture receives the temperature that it needs to cook evenly. If you miss out on this step, it would take a longer time to bake and your baked item might not even get cooked evenly. So, make it a habit to preheat your oven before baking anything.

5. Use measuring cups

One of the most important tips for beginners is that always use the right amount of ingredients in your baking recipe. Baking is all about precision and if you miss out on this, you won’t see the result you were hoping for.

measuring cups

So, use measuring cups and spoons to take out the exact amount of ingredient that is mentioned in the recipe and make no mistakes. Use proper Cupcake Stand to cool down the cupcakes or cookies.

6. Follow the recipe steps properly

A lot of times newbies make the mistake of thinking that all the ingredients are supposed to be just mixed together without really caring about the recipe steps. Well, while all the ingredients are to be combined together, it is important to combine the ingredients in a particular order if you want the result to be good. So, always follow the recipe steps accurately.

7. Use a timer

Once you have put your batter in the oven, it is easy to forget about it and end up with a burnt cake or cookies. So, to avoid such scenarios, it is always better to use a timer so that you don’t forget about your oven and the item inside it and you can take your cake, cookies, etc. out on time.

Stay tuned for CupCake Muffins for more helpful tips.

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