Best Cupcake Holder in 2015

Who does not have a sweet tooth – we all do especially when it comes to desserts and frosted cupcake – so irresistible. These decorated cakes are great for any occasion from birthday parties to wedding celebrations. However, when we need to start displaying them it becomes a problem and it is time to liven them up with the best cupcake holder in 2015.


Finding one is not that difficult as you can buy them from many different retailers online from cupcake holder stand Target suppliers, Cupcake Holder Bed Bath and Beyond and the well-known Amazon.

For you in finding the right cupcake holder can become a bit tiring, as there are many different cupcake stands. We have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with a selection of the best cupcake holders in 2015 from these selected retailers.

BEST-SELECTED Target Cupcake Stands

For affordable cupcake stand Target products you can look at the following:

Tiered Pedestal Serving Plates

Targets all time best seller for 2015 is the Tiered Pedestal Serving Plate cupcake stand designed for not only cupcakes but also any delicious treat. You can use the 3-tiered layer for displaying cupcakes at the bottom, some delicious biscuits at the top and great dessert in between. The plates stack on each other and come apart for easy storage. Made of lovely glass it makes for a great cake, appetizers, and cupcake displays. The glass is a microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher safe.

For your next event, this cupcake holder stand Target product will provide you with the versatility to use at any event from separate cake displays to complete cupcake and dessert displays and great for bakeries to display their delicious treats.

Wilton Cupcake Stand

For displaying any delicatessen from cookies, cakes, desserts, cupcakes, cold meats, appetizers and more this Wilton 4-tier cupcake stand will definitely be the center of attention when placed as a centerpiece at your next event. Looking for a solution to your entertainment needs, this is it! The cupcake stand with its Angel tiers will highlight not only your cupcakes but versatile to use for any type of display.

The stand assembles easy, holds up to 36 cupcakes, and disassembles for easy storage. Made of durable plastic and recommended hand wash omit some of the tiers for smaller dessert displays.

Best Selected Cupcake Holders Bed Bath and Beyond

For some great cupcake holder Bed Bath and Beyond products we found the following to be the best:

Prep work Collapsible Cupcake & Carrier

Do you need versatility with a great display for your next afternoon tea; the Prep work Collapsible Cupcake & Carrier is all you need. The cupcake stand holds up to 24 cupcakes or used for layering round cakes it is a carrier as well.

Made to hold large frosted cupcakes, finger eats, round cakes, appetizers and more. All parts collapse, making it great for storage and the manufacturers recommend hand washing. This is a great product, especially in the summer time as you can keep it closed until your guests arrive, keeping annoying flies away with some scented citronella candles placed on the table.

Godinger 35-Cupcake Stand

Bring a smile to every guest’s face with this lovely Godinger 35-cupcake stand made with chrome. This cupcake stand will surely spark up a conversation as a superb centerpiece for displaying your frosted cupcakes. With a pyramidal design and sparkle, you can stack 35 cupcakes, making them the center of attention at any festivity.

Standing tall at 19 inches it will be the talk at every occasion. The manufacturer recommends hand washing to keep it in top-notch shape.

Big Top Cupcake Holder From Amazon


As a delightful centerpiece in presenting your greatest treats, nothing beats the Big Top Cupcake Holder sold by Amazon. Set up this beauty as your centerpiece for a carnival feel and let your cupcakes steel the attention of your guests presenting them with a great display showing.

Display your favorite treats and desserts with this carnival confection featuring 3-tiers made of foam and easy to assemble.  Add some fun to your next event with a superb big top cupcake holder that holds up to 40 normal sized cupcakes.

Whether your best cupcake holder 2015 products made from glass, foam, chrome, or metal you are sure to find the best one from these online retailers providing you with great customer service and money back guarantees. Liven up your party with one of these great versatile cupcakes stands.

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