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Cardboard Cupcake Stands for Halloween

The year has flown by so quickly Halloweens around the corner and it is time to bring out the decorations and start planning the trick or treats. However, one needs affordable ways to display one’s wonderful creations for this great festivity. There is no better way than displaying cupcakes, savory eyeballs and sweet bloody treat in cardboard cupcake stands made especially for Halloween.

The latest trend in cupcakes and serving treats will never be the same again make a statement with our selected Halloween cupcake stands as they are not only adorable for any party it will make a stunning Halloween center display or great for trick or treats.

These are great for staying in the budget line, lightweight, easy to assemble, durable, and one can buy them in different available sizes. Some of these cardboard cupcake stands are even customizable, allowing one to add your own touch of Halloween or to use on any occasion throughout the year.

Cupcake Stanz Trick or Treat Halloween Cupcake Stand



Use them on that special day when little goblins, witches, devils, and fairies come to visit knocking on your door. Treat them with a special cupcake made for them. Alternatively, place this Halloween cupcake stand on your Halloween party table as a centerpiece, it is sure to be the talk of the evening. On the other hand, look a bit further to add some more festivity to your event with some of our other great cupcakes stands available here.

Blue Skies Plus Halloween Pumpkin Jack-o-lantern

Blue Skies plus Halloween pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern 2-tier cardboard cupcake stand. Designed with a one-inch base and 9 ½ -inch the second tier decorated with a 3D Halloween Jack-o-Lantern design.

Easy to assemble and disassemble to store away for next year. As a bonus, receive 18 Jack-o-Lantern cupcake paper cups to display your special cupcakes in with included 18 plastic pumpkin picks. Clean them off easily to reuse again. Combined with the trick or treat stand they will make a great statement at any office party or home event.

The Wilton Mass Buy “Zombie Hand” Cupcake Stand

Maybe you are catering for a big Halloween bash and in need of more than just one cupcake stand to display favorite treats. The Wilton bulk buys collections going to be a treat. The zombie hand cupcake stands sold in packs of five.

Save money by buying this collection, each Halloween treats stand measures 12-inches x 16.5-inches and designed in 3-tiers to hold up to 24 normal sized cupcakes or any delight you need to display. These cool Halloween cupcakes stand made from cardboard will provide just the right atmosphere for your event.

Penelope’s Parties Haunted Cupcake Stand

For a great haunted Halloween Penelope’s Parties haunted cupcake stand is going to be a treat when combined with your favorite haunting decorations. Create the perfect mood and make your event fun with this highly printed stand with a festive Halloween theme.

The stand holds up to 24 regular cupcakes and ideal for any haunting festivity combined with other Halloween goodies.

Creative Party Candy Corned Tiered Cup Cake Stand

For cool Halloween Cupcake ideas, this Creative Party candy-corned tiered cupcake stand is easy to assemble and made of sturdy cardboard designed with a beautiful candy-corned design. Standing four-tiered high it measures 10.75” x 10.75” x 10.75” providing one with an adequate amount of space to pack diverse treats when placed as a centerpiece.

The designs even great to use at birthday parties as the color fits in with most other themes and with some little changes, this stand can become a masterpiece at any other event throughout the year.

Last on The List the Darice 5 Tier Cardboard Dessert Cupcake Stand



For the party coordinator who needs a big display the Darice cardboard dessert cupcake stand one can use at any event? Use it for a Halloween, birthday party, wedding events, cocktail parties and more. Become creative and design your own theme with this Victoria Lynn dessert cupcake tower.

Standing 5-tier high designed in a round cardboard shape one can buy them in different pack sizes. Each package includes 5 tiers and 16 supports that are easy to set up for display. Designed in white color it makes a perfect display for pastries, fruit, cupcakes, savory treats and more.

Final Word

When in need of making a statement at any event the cardboard cupcake stands provides one with just that. Make them festive with your own theme or buy them in different theme creations. They are easy to assemble, easy to clean, affordable, and others one can use again.

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