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Cupcake Stands Target New Trends

Yes, gone are the old trends of livening up an event with chocolate fountains as they are out of style and the latest cupcake stands to target new trends when it comes to events. From weddings, kid’s parties and cocktail events are now serving their goods displayed on cupcake stands.

Here the selected only for you, we have some affordable latest cupcake stand target trends to keep your event alive from serving up traditional cakes, bite-size desserts, sweet treats, savory treats, and yes the all time favorite latest trend cupcakes.

The Wilton 3-Tier Stand


Serving up delicacies has never been easier as one can see this with the Wilton 3-Tier stand. Available in three different styles from white, skull, and color wheel to liven up any event. These 12-inch x 10.5-inch cupcake tower stands are available for any form of celebration and easy to personalize, as it is a disposable stand sold at a reasonable price.

It is easy to assemble and available with included instructions to decorate to your heart’s content with border strips, colorful paper, and messages. This stand holds up to 24 standard sized cupcakes and versatile to use with any form of dessert and savory to display.

Customers are pleased with this product for its affordability while others complained the boards is warped and out of shape what can one expect for only less than $10, not a crystal that is for sure. They are affordable to buy when in need of having big events great for use in many different ways.

Wilton Cupcake Stand With Black Borders

For a perfect display, the Wilton range provides one with quite a cupcake stand target in newly available trends, styles, and colors. Their cupcake display stands made with quality material in the 3-tier form available in black for those who are in need of something different for their event.

Measuring 12-inch x 10-inch with a 1-inch attractive edge enfolded around each tier one can only imagine what your guests will say. Choose from other styles as well in black, pink, Damask, Easter, Holiday Square, Skeleton great for Halloween, a sleigh for Christmas, and another superb choice for Halloween zombie hands.

These cupcake stands hold up to 24 normal sized cupcakes to display with simple assembly instructions included. Choose one of each for the whole year round. Overall, the feeling from customers is mutual as being a very versatile stand to display from desserts to savory treats.

While some feel the designs flimsy, but what do you expect at this affordable price. When taken care of and placing some colorful paper in them with the desserts and savory treats on them you can keep them clean and use them again.

The BonNoces 4-Tier CLEAR Acrylic Glass Stand


For the caterer, you need a larger cupcake stand and with BonNoces, one cannot make a mistake. This 4-tier clear acrylic glass stand will be the talk of any event one caters for when displayed with sweet and savory treats.

Standing 13-inches high by 4-inches in between each tier, these plates are nice and strong when displaying different food treats. This tiered cupcake stand holds up to 50 standard cupcakes without it collapsing. One can break it down easily for storage.

Each tier wrapped individually with its own wrapping and a support centerpiece for each tier. This cupcake display stands made from durable material to last a lifetime. One can even ask for a buyer’s user manual to assemble it in many different forms of styles, making your display a masterpiece when displayed.

Great to use:

  • At weddings
  • In bakeries and cake shops
  • For home decoration
  • At birthday parties
  • For entertaining events
  • For holiday events

This 4-tier stands designed by French designers from acrylic material comes highly recommended by clients who have bought the product for especially catering users. The material is scratch resistant and leaves no finger marks when used. One can even display soaps on them in a shop and versatile to use the tiers separately on their own.

Final Word

The cupcake stand target has grown to such an extent that they are one of the most used products at different events. With the selection made available for you, we hope that you find one that suits your needs when next time you are looking for a way to make your event a memorable one.

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