When I run, I run without music.  I distract myself with my thoughts, and it’s one of the best parts of my day.  Sometimes I think about how ready I am to be done running, sometimes I think about races that I could sign up for and the people that I could recruit to run with me, and sometimes I think about how annoying it is when you smile at other runners and they just stare back at you with a blank (or really unfriendly) look.  When I’m not thinking about those things, I’m usually thinking about food.


I ran about 4.5 miles today, which means I had about 45 minutes of thinking time.  About five minutes were filled with thoughts about how to avoid slipping on the snow, how well the foot of fresh snow covered up the dirty old snow, and how I wished I could leave a friendly note on the car that was blocking the crosswalk.  The other forty minutes were spent thinking about mint chip ice cream.

I already mentioned this ice cream in my Weekend Eats post, but it’s been such a highlight of the past couple of days that I thought it was worth revisiting.  I’m not a person who misses meals, but the last two nights I’ve half-jokingly mentioned to my boyfriend that I wanted to eat ice cream for dinner.  The only thing that kept my comments in the joking realm was knowing that we’d run out of it much sooner if I made a meal out of it. So I reluctantly ate torta leftovers, then sat around for a while to build up the suspense, and when I couldn’t take it any longer I’d dish up a scoop or two of ice cream and savor every last bite.  I might have even licked the bowl a few times when no one was looking.

Thanks to all of my restraint, the ice cream has lasted four days instead of two or three.  Sadly, a scoop or two is all that remains.  I considered scooping the rest of the ice cream into a nice bowl for a prettier picture, but I thought that transferring it to a different container might have resulted in leaving a few smears of it behind.  Since I’d just eaten breakfast and wanted to save every last smear of it for tonight, I opted to keep it in the less pretty container.  Maybe I’m crazy, but this ice cream is crazy good, and that’s where I’m choosing to place my blame.

While I was running I was trying to come up with the right words to describe how wonderful this ice cream is so I could convince you to make it, but I still haven’t found them.  What I have found are instructions to grow mint inside in the winter, which I am seriously contemplating doing.  The cost of herbs at the grocery store is the only thing stopping me from making another batch of this today.  Maybe I’ll ask for fresh mint for my birthday next week.  I need my fix.

Are you convinced yet? Click here for the recipe.

Once the mint chip is gone, we’ll go back to the other frozen treat that I made last week: Buttermilk Ice Cream.  I had quite a bit of buttermilk left after making fried chicken, and I liked the idea of making ice cream with it instead of something like scones or biscuits because of the abundance of baked goods currently crowding my kitchen.  It’s good, although it doesn’t blow your mind like the mint chip does.  I really like the hint of lemon and the tanginess of it, and I’ll probably return to this recipe this summer for a little experimentation once berries are in season.

If you have any doubts regarding this recipe feel free to share the reviews here.

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