Top 3 bestseller cupcake stands in 2015

We all have a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to delicious frosted cupcakes with all the trimmings. They are versatile for any occasion from birthday celebrations to weddings. However, when it is time to start stacking them up you find yourself with a problem, as they do not stack easily on their own. You do not want to ruin the frosting, as they look so pretty. We have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with the Top 3 Bestseller Cupcake Stands in 2015 to make your life a little bit easier when it is time for you to buy one.

Trouble-free Stacking with the Top 3 Bestseller Cupcake stands at 2015

When it comes to stacking cupcakes or building a cupcake tower for a celebration it is a complicated process if you do not have the correct appliance to display your cupcakes. You do not want your cupcakes squished or wreck the frosting.

You may want to try the DIY cupcake stand, but why spend time in doing it yourself if you can choose one of our top 3 affordable cupcake stands solving your stacking dilemma. These holders allow you to display your cupcakes, without the squishy effect and they are easy to buy from our selected retailer.

Our dealers well known to target the cupcake stand market and here you will find detailed information when it is time to choose the best.

The Charmed Silver Cupcake Stand


Charmed Cupcake Stand

If you are looking for style and affordability in a cupcake stand look no further! The Charmed silver cupcake stand has a great price. Once put together and you place those delicious cupcakes in it, it will look great! The stand can hold up to 23 “regular” cupcakes with ease.

It is available with a tiny wrench to put the stand together and once placed it stands 28.5 cm high. Uniquely designed with silver wire making twirl effects it is sturdy and makes a great centerpiece on any table and great to fit in with any décor in your kitchen.

Great Features of this Cupcake Tower

  • It is a 4 tier cupcake stand that holds up to 23 cupcakes
  • It has a unique wire design and looks great for any celebration centerpiece
  • The stands width is 31 cm and it stands 28.5 cm high

The majority of customers who had bought the cupcake tower are pleased with the product as it is affordable, is functional and easy to set up!


The White Francois ET Mimi Iron Carousel Cupcake Stand


Carousel Cupcake Stand

The white Francois ET Mimi Iron Carousel Cupcake stand will get the attention of any guest when placed in the center or corner of the table. With its iron, design available in modern and vintage design you can place your delicious cupcake tower anywhere and with its rotation design, you can keep filling it up.

It is versatile to use for any occasion from a kid’s birthday party to high teas. It is elegant, durable, and easy to assemble and your cupcakes will display beautifully in them.

Main Features

  • The cupcake stands easy to assemble
  • It is made of non-toxic iron
  • It holds up to 12 cupcakes
  • Once assembled it looks great on any table and comes with a rotating design

The Francois ET Mimi Iron Carousel Cupcake stand comes highly recommended by many customers who had bought it directly from Amazon and has a great review rating it with 4.4 stars. They are pleased with the product as it is straightforward to assemble, sturdy, and reasonably priced. There had been some customers advising that they should have included instructions to assemble the cupcake stand but still found assembling it easy without the instructions.


The Utenlid Square Stacked Dessert and CupcaUtenlid-Acrylic-4-Tier-Square-Stacked-Party-Cupcake-Standke Tower


If you are an avid cupcake and a dessert baker in need of a grand centerpiece for any event – then this cupcake tower from Utenlid makes a great centerpiece. This four-tier cupcake and dessert tower constructed with sturdy clear acrylic looks great. The design makes sure that your guests have no trouble when making their way to the food table.

It holds up to 36 “regular” cupcakes, muffins, or other confections and a great choice for any occasion from large too small. It makes a great gift and works well even for Christmas cookie displays. The center supporting tubes are hollow and you can fill it up with flowers of your choice.

Disassemble the unit when not required and nest them safely in the cupboard it fits in with any décor in your home. It is easy to clean by hand and one of the best cupcake displays around.

Main Features

  • The dessert and cupcake tower designs with clear acrylic in square shaped 4 tier style
  • It is trouble-free to assemble and disassemble and great to store away with its nesting design
  • It has multiple uses for personal-sized treats and holds up to 30 cupcakes
  • Great to use on any occasions and easy to clean

Customers are very pleased with the cupcake stand and it comes highly recommended, as it is versatile, durable, and easy to clean.

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