Top 3 tier cup cake stands in 2015

Cupcakes are dressing up in different lines and elements taking these delicious pieces of cakes to the next level. Whether for fun or for fancy events you cannot go without displaying your dressed up cupcake without our top 3 Tier cup cake stand in 2015.

What better way to display your creations and other confectionery delights on these elegant stands than displaying them on plain old plates looking all dull and uncreative. Theses selected stands designed to hold a variety of your baked delicatessens so that your guests or customers can view them.

Use these cupcake stands and make a statement at any occasion presenting your guests with all your favorite bakeries and great even for weddings.

Our Top 3 Tier Cup Cake Stand for 2015

It is celebration time all year round for birthdays, important events, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and we start all over again. No matter what the occasion a 3 Tier Cupcake holder always comes in handy displaying dressed up cupcakes with all its bling, glitter, and color effects.

We have chosen three of the best Tier Cup Cake stands from our favorite dealer to make your shopping a little bit easier.

Fun Express Big Top Cupcake Holder

Big Top Cupcake Holder

Are you planning a kid’s birthday party with a carnival theme this 3 Tier cardboard cupcake stand with its red and white colorful striped design will make your child’s birthday party a hit! Add it to a circus theme with small animals around while placing your cupcakes making them the centerpiece.

Use the cupcake holder and change the design to suit any event displaying all sorts of baked goods. The holder is easy to assemble with its 3 Tier display and 12-inch base holding treats sturdy in place for small hands to reach.

Disassemble and pack it away as it makes easy for storage! It holds up to 40 normal sized cupcakes and the material is easy to wipe off, clean and affordable for any birthday party.


  • The 3 Tier cardboard cupcake stand makes a great showpiece drawing all your guest’s attention at birthday parties
  • The holder works great and is versatile to use with all sorts of confections and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • It has 3 layers and consists of a 12” base holding treats in place
  • It is easy to clean and only needs a wipe off

If you are in need of affordability then this cupcake holders the one for you. The majority of customers advised that it work great for kids’ parties, as it will not break if small hands accidently knock it over. They are pleased with the product as it is easy to clean and pack away with versatile use from cupcakes to any baked goods.

The White Wilton 3 Tier Treat Stand

Wilton 3-Tier Treat Stand

If you are planning to host a big event and not looking to buy a whole, lot of expensive 3 Tier Cupcake Stand Acrylic designs, then this disposable treat stand with its inexpensive price is right for you – especially when you are hosting a wedding.

The treat stands easy to assemble, made of cardboard, and great for one-day use. It holds up to 24 cupcakes and economical to use while displaying beautifully when decorated. Add decorative tape in versatile colors to the edges.

It is easy to assemble and removing the top tier makes it easy to stack away if you do want to use it again.


  • The Wilton treat stand holds up to 24 cupcakes and other party goods
  • It is easy to assemble and decorate
  • It is disposable and affordable
  • The treat stand is 12 inch wide and stands 10.5” high

When it comes to ease of use and affordability, nothing beats this cupcake stand, especially if you cater for different parties and in need of setting up cupcake stands on different tables. Customers who have bought the product are pleased with the cupcake stand when it comes to catering for events. It is easy to decorate fitting in with different themes.

Chef Buddy White 3 Tier Cupcake Dessert Stand

White 3 Tier Cupcake Dessert Stand

The 3 Tier cupcake holders made of sturdy PVC and works great for any event. It is durable and sets up easily. One of the great features of the Chef Buddy is that the tiers store away in the bottom of the base making them great for storage.

They display nicely and are easy to clean and even great to use while traveling. With its elegant, design what more can you ask for!

Great Features

  • The cupcake stand consists of 7 pieces with a self storing base
  • Works great for displaying cupcakes and other confections
  • It includes a storage base, one by 10-inch square tier, one by 8-inch square tier, one by 4.5-inch square tier, two by screw on pillars and one by top cap
  • When assembled it stands 12,5 inches high and made of durable PVC

This beautiful collapsible display for appetizers and desserts comes highly recommended by customers who have bought it for their catering and home purposes. It is great to use on any occasion and it provides you versatility in displaying your delicate cupcakes to any other form of confection.

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