White Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder

Attention to all event hosts and event planners have you heard the latest news in event planning. This fabulous cupcake holder stand will be the talk of your next event and keep guests talking for hours on end.



Classified as the best Ferris wheel cupcake holder 2015 product sold in pack quantities of 1 to 5 at affordable prices. Why only choose one if you can buy a few for your event planning in making sure that you have enough cupcake holders to stand as the centerpiece on the table.

Place your delicious frosted cupcakes in it or use it as a candy holder at birthday parties.

More About The Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder

The Ferris wheel cupcake holders designed from quality material that holds 8 regular sized cupcakes. Not only is it lightweight, weighing in at less than 3 pounds, it is completely food safe and a great centerpiece. The Vintage Ferris wheel cupcake holder has received some great reviews from customers as it stands 16” x 11” x 4.24 inches tall.

Why use it only for filling up with delicious treats – for a sit-down event set some tea light candles in them and provide a relaxing atmosphere for your guests. However, if you use for placing cupcakes use medium sized and not a jumbo cupcake and great for miniature desserts as well.

The best feature of all is its smooth rotation, making it easier for guests to take their favorite treat without the need for stretching. The Vintage Ferris wheel cupcake holders available in black as well. Great to use for kids birthday parties, themed parties, wedding celebrations and more. Receive the cupcake stand assembled without the need of still figuring out where everything goes.

Some Other Great Vintage Cupcake Holders



Do you prefer a more metallic look the Godinger Ferris wheel cupcake holder will charm you? Crafted from quality material and food safe you can place 8 regular cupcakes in this holder making it a great centerpiece at any event.

Assembling is easy and disassembling is great for storage until the next event comes along. Use it to display votive candles or tea lights showing you that it is versatile for almost anything.



Another great product that will catch your attention, especially if you are looking for a more classical look is the silver revolving Godinger cupcake holder. Measuring at 12 inches high it holds 11 regular cupcakes and tarnish resistant with a silver finish – use it at weddings, baby showers, and any occasion.



Last on our list is the famous Godinger rotating cupcake holder that also holds 11 regular cupcakes with silver finish and tarnish resistant. These Vintage cupcake holders will be a hit at any event when placed as centerpieces and the talk for the rest of the night.

Make Your Own Cupcake Stand

Whether you buy your own Vintage Ferris wheel cupcake holder to display at your event, you may be creative to make your own making it one of a kind. With a cupcake holder, you transform all your baked treats into attractive creations. Making your own vintage cupcake stand allows you to be creative and make stands in 3-tiers, 8-tiers, and more at low-cost making a statement at any event.

What to Use

Look around the home, you are sure to find some interesting objects lying in your kitchen cupboard, maybe it is time to buy a new pizza pan, trays and more. Why throw away the old ones, as pizza pans are great for serving trays.

Start by taking the pizza pan and marking the center and with a glue gun apply adhesive around the bottom edge of a candlestick holder – attached to the center of the pan. Now, create the second tier by gluing a burner cover on the top of the candlestick – spray the cupcake stand with individual colors before assembling it. For a more whimsical design, place the candlestick in an off-center position, making sure that the stands balanced.

Glasses and Plates

For a more elegant look use clear plates from durable material – here you can choose from your old decorative plates lying in the cupboard and with similar steps as with the pizza trays, use the glue gun and assemble the cupcake stand. Here you can use plastic candlesticks for each tier or plastic martini glasses, champagne glasses and flute glasses as well.

Cans and Cardboards

Running short of time, why not salvage the material from your home by using plates in a variety of sizes making circles on the cardboard. Cut out the shapes and paint or decorate with colorful gift paper, doilies and more.

Trim your circles with some lace or ribbon in shade of choice. Take cleaned cans and remove all labels or glue some decorative paper around it. Stack your cardboard trays by gluing them on the tins.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something to keep buy some craft wood circles to form the tier shapes and glue them onto sturdy candleholders or thick round circular wood pieces to keep your cupcake stand sturdy. Paint and decorate according to your preference.

On the other hand, you can also use cake dummies and cake boards and follow the same procedure as with the cardboard and cans.

A white Ferris wheel cupcake holder makes a great statement when used at a festivity. Whether you are making one yourself or buying one, these cute cupcake displays are a complete necessity at any event when placed as a centerpiece complementing your frosted cupcakes as being the best.

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